Friday, July 17, 2009

Thank you, Papa Legba

Right after I got to New Jersey, I went to a nearby crossroads and left an offering for Papa Legba, asking for his assistance in settling my father-in-law's estate and transitioning my mother-in-law to assisted living.

So far things have gone unbelievably well. We've yet to encounter an impolite or hostile customer service representative, all the paperwork we've needed has arrived on time, and we're moving along at a blistering clip.  With Legba on the job, we're well on our way to getting things settled and fast.

If you're getting ready to undertake a major project - or you have one thrown in your lap - be sure to drop off an offering of change, sweets or rum at the local crossroads. You'll find that Legba is happy to grease the rails for you if you pay him his tribute.  With his help, you can get the swamp drained before the alligators even realize you're there.