Sunday, October 11, 2009

Notes from an Angelic Working: 1

Record of an Evocation using the Lemegeton: Ars Paulina
October 11, 2009: 7:05 a.m.

We open with Lykathea doing the LBRP. Afterwards we begin the Invocation to Samael, ruler of the first hour of the day under the Legemeton. This is followed with the Conjuration of Ameniel, the Solar duke who rules over this day: the conjuration is repeated three times until his presence is clearly felt.

Both of us get an impression of a large golden winged figure. Ameniel appears to me as a golden man with intensely bright eyes, as if the sun is glowing from them. He is moving very quickly around the circle: Lykathea, who is skrying in the mirror and gets a very similar impression. We make our requests, which are within the solar sphere: greater self-confidence, prosperity, that our paths be lit and our enemies dispersed as day disperses night, & c. Both of us get an overwhelming impression at the same time that our petitions have been heard and answered. Lykathea recites the License to Depart.