Friday, March 26, 2010


I was hoping to do money magic with the runes, and awoke from a dream wherein a giant told me that I should work with the Man-rune. This wasn't what I had expected: Mannaz is generally not connected with prosperity workings.  But I've learned that when you get advice from the spirit world (especially from Jotuns, who are quite skilled with the Runes despite their undeserved reputation as slope-browed savages), it is generally best to take it.
I worked with the rune by reddening it and then using it as a doorway for a vision. The results were quick, and once again they were unexpected. This most social of runes led me to a verdant, green valley. There was abundant grass, fresh water, clear skies, pleasant weather, game traipsing about past my nose - but there were no people.  I spent some time exploring this valley, but saw no signs of civilization anywhere. The man-rune had led me to a place where there were no men. I had plenty of abundance here, but there was nobody to help me take advantage of the resources which lay before me.

And then it hit me: that was the message Mannaz was sending. I was trying to achieve prosperity on my own, without relying on anyone else or reaching out to those who could help me to conquer the territory. If I was going to succeed, I wasn't going to do it alone.  Writing may be a solitary job, but I was going to have to reach out to the community if I hoped to reach financial success.

Toward that end, I've started work toward establishing an online radio show with a friend who has over 20 years of experience in broadcast journalism. Once that is established, I'm hoping to interview some of my other friends and acquaintances: I know a number of highly accomplished and intelligent writers, magicians and occult thinkers, and can also leverage my acquaintance with a number of publicity folk at publishing companies small and large.  I am also making some efforts toward filming a fet with some paranormal researchers and trying to parlay that into a video and, with any luck, some future television appearances.

I'm also posting more to blogs and online forums. I've often found that off-the-cuff remarks can be developed into articles and even chapters. I've also discovered that online conversations help me to ascertain what people are looking for and what sorts of questions they want answered. The give-and-take of online debate, where punches are rarely pulled and logical flaws and errors are ruthlessly dissected by sometimes hostile audiences, forces a writer to hone their arguments and check their sources. 

And I'm also focusing my efforts on two collaborative writing projects. Raven Kaldera and I are going to be following up on Drawing Down the Spirits: The Traditions and Techniques of Spirit Possession, with a book on communicating with spirits and personal gnosis, tentatively titled Talking With the Spirits. And Sophie Reicher, the author of the excellent Basic Psychic Hygiene, will be working with me on a guide to the Elves. (You may have read a few guides to Faerie, but chances are they steered clear of the places we'll be talking about!) I have a few other solo projects I'd like to work on in the future, but for now I'm taking the advice of Mannaz and working on partnerships and socializing. This doesn't come easy to a natural introvert like me, but I realize that it's something I need to do. (As I always say about any sort of divination, don't ask for advice unless you're willing to take it).