Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Czech Review of Haitian Vodou Handbook

I just discovered a Czech review of The Haitian Vodou Handbook, or as they say in Prague, Haitské Voodoo: Magie duchů a kouzel. Alas, I am utterly lacking in knowledge of Czech, and so I must rely on the rather rough Google translation. But if  is to be believed, Mika found that:
Je velmi čtivě napsaná a věřím ,že mi jakožto nezasvěcenému čtenáři poskytla poměrně slušnou základní představu o tom ,co to vlastně woodoo je a představila mi některé nejznámější Lwa.
(In Googlespeak "It is written very readable and I believe that I, as the uninitiated reader gave a rather good basic idea of what it actually is a voodoo and introduced me to some of the most famous Lwa.")
I was especially fascinated to discover the similarities between the Kongo and pre-Christian Slavic view of the crossroads and graveyards as holy places: the description of possession among Slavic magicians in 1071 were very interesting as well.  Hearty thanks are in order to Mika, and to Knihkupectví Fontána for giving me voice in another tongue.