Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupying Wall Street, Quoting Henry Ford

As I'm sure you've all heard, there's this little protest that started in New York and has recently spread to many other cities.  As a result of this popular uprising, a growing number of people are expressing their long-simmering anger with the power of the American plutocracy.  And we've seen a fair number of much-shared Facebook photos which have expressed their pro-populist sentiments, including this one.

That's a nice, inspiring quote from the founder of Ford Motor Company.  He had many other quotes about the banking and monetary system ... or, more precisely, the people who run it.
There is apparently in the world today a central financial force which is playing a vast and closely organized game, with the world for its table and universal control for its stakes. The people of civilized countries have lost all confidence in the explanation that "economic conditions" are responsible for all the changes that occur. Under the camouflage of "economic law" a great many phenomena have been accounted for which were not due to any law whatever except the law of the selfish human will as operated by a few men who have the purpose and the power to work on a wide scale with nations as their vassals.

Whatever else may be national, no one today believes that finance is national. Finance is international. Nobody today believes that international finance is in any way competitive. There are some independent banking houses, but few strong independent ones. The great masters, the few whose minds see clearly the entire play of the plan, control numerous banking houses and trust companies, and one is used for this while another is used for that, but there is no disharmony between them, no correction of each other's methods, no competition in the interests of the business world. There is as much unity of policy between the principal banking houses of every country as there is between the various branches of the United States Post Office — and for the same reason, namely, they are all operated from the same source and for the same purpose.
Ford even wrote a book about this "central financial force" and gave away copies in the hopes of warning the American populace about the danger.  You can find it online today with a simple Google search for The International Jew.   It's nearly as popular as another book which Ford recommended, and which he quotes frequently in his tome: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Upon being informed of Ford's anti-Semitic streak, several people chimed in with their opinions. Some felt this was much ado about nothing.

Greg Foster Enough already with 1st and 2nd millennium tribal mentalities/identites. They're just about over and done with. Get with the 3rd millennium already.
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Wayne Jones There is not a person on this page that does'nt have issues ford is a great founder of business in this country and still people discredit him get real folks move on in this world.
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And if some wanted to minimize Ford's Jew-hating, others reveled in it:

Ben Standard 
THe banking system IS jewish - its a fact and not just some wild claim. Henry Ford wasnt afraid to call a spade a spade. As for being anti - semitic .... Most jews have very little semitic heritage so to be against the evils of jewish elitism aka zionism doesnt make one semitic - jews arent semitic! However these white jewish racists are themselves anti semitic in their dealings with palestrinians and other arabs who ARE semites! Its time these elitists zionists stooges were exposed for their true colors and the fact that theyre imposters and are nothing more than anti semiticgentile swine themselves
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Padraig Williams Rothchild zionists are not Jewish... that's just a facade. They are luciferians.
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Padraig Williams True Jews are against Zionism.
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Occupy Wall Street is presently following the Anonymous model of leaderless collective resistance. This means that anybody can join in the protests and offer their opinions.  And I recognize the strengths of that approach. On the other hand, I also remember when the Tea Party faithful claimed Barack Obama was a closet Muslim (with a phony birth certificate) who was going to introduce Sharia law.  And all that silliness wound up detracting from any substantive ideas they might have had. As it stands now, they're well on their way to the same irrelevance which has claimed other populist right-wing movements like the John Birch Society.  

If you want to criticize Israeli excesses against the Palestinians, there are plenty of people who agree with you, including many Israelis.  But spewing the old venom with "anti-Zionist" used as a polite euphemism for "anti-Semite" (which itself started out as a polite euphemism for "Jew-hater") serves nobody.  Nobody, that is, save the Jew-haters who would like to capitalize on our current mistrust of international banks for their own ends - and those who would like to discredit the movement by linking it to Nazism and anti-Semitism

Henry Ford is not a useful source of information on international banking. Quoting him on the subject suggests that you are grossly uninformed at best and a bigot at worst.   The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is not a thought-provoking exposé. It is a crude forgery which has cost many innocent people their lives.   Sooner or later somebody is going to have to stand up and say "this, ladies and gentlemen, is a steaming pile of horseshit and no amount of consensus, cooperation and open-mindedness is going to change that fact." And so, in that spirit, let me be the one to break out the shovel.