Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Burning Twits Are Upon Us: More From the Wild Hunt

My recent comments on The Wild Hunt and in this blog have attracted a number of positive comments, but they've also attracted some criticism.  I figured this was as good a place as any to address some of the issues raised.

First we have a person who will remain anonymous, for reasons which will become clear later. In the Wild Hunt comments she stated:
Kenaz, when you've lived through a threat of being murdered and your house burned down as I have, get back to me about not calling these people terrorists. This particular group (Dominionists) ARE terrorists. They want to shove Jesus down our throats and they advocate violence to accomplish it. ANY GROUP that advocates violence is a terrorist, get it? 
I live in TN and some of these folks would gladly murder any non-Christian. They are called Christian Supremacists because that is what they openly advocate. But then you probably think Nazis weren't terrorists. I've followed this movement a long time, very closely and I don't think you understand what is happening.
A quick Google search on this person's posting name reveals her address, her workplace and all sorts of other personal information which a murderous Dominionist terrorist could use to find her.  She's apparently so frightened of these vicious Christian thugs that she feels the need to go public with her complaints - but not so frightened that she feels the need to take steps to protect herself.

At best this suggests that she's dangerously naive: at worst one might suspect that she was engaging in a bit of melodrama. (The latter becomes increasingly likely when one notes her ties to Witch School, an organization of which it has been said:
Because the Correllian tradition does not require an in-face meeting with individuals as part of the initiation process and ordination as clergy, there is no way for the Correllian tradition to maintain standards of who they initiate. Currently, the Correllian tradition has first degree clergy members that include at least one fish and a few dogs.(12) These are members in the same standing as anyone else who completes the first degree program. Yet, Ed Hubbard, CEO of WitchSchool has stated, "If you were investigating the Correllian tradition you would discover they have integrated record keeping and that they do this to create a clergy that is as ironclad as possible under American and International law."(13) I do not know of any other religion that ordains fish or dogs, however.
However, in an abundance of caution, I have refrained from posting her name. Given the danger (real or imagined) in which she lives, I can only recommend she show more caution in the future.  Perhaps she could buy a pit bull or a German Shepherd to protect herself: if all went well, she could even make it her High Priest and they could start a coven.

Then there's Charlton Hall, aka Chuck. Chuck is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who states "My approach to therapy involves helping individuals and families to facilitate change through Mindfulness techniques in a non-judgmental, client-centered, positive environment."

Right, then.  Here's some mindfulness from Chuck:

To yrs. truly:
Kenaz...have you ever had friends and/or relatives murdered by Christian terrorists? I have. I know firsthand what they're capable of. Of course, if you support the murder of gays, doctors, etc. then perhaps you're part of the problem.
I agree, Kenneth. Apparently Kenaz doesn't think that torturing gay people to death, or shooting up Unitarian churches, or blowing up the Olympics, or bombing women's health clinics qualifies as terrorism. Which begs the question, what DOES qualify as terrorism where Kenaz is concerned?

I wonder if Kenaz would be okay with Christians beating one of his family members to death
It's pretty obvious, Kenaz, that you support terrorism as long as it's committed by Christians.
True, Anna. For example, Kenaz lives in New Jersey and has no idea what goes on here in the Bible Belt. I wonder how a transvestite would be received here in South Carolina? ;)
To Patheos managing editor Star Foster:
Star...I find it interesting that you de-friended me on Facebook for pointing out that while you complain about Jason's 'polemical' approach, Patheos has several evangelical Christians whose rhetoric is much worse than anything Jason's ever stated.

Apparently your 'tolerance' of other viewpoints doesn't extend to people who point out the double standard Patheos has.
LOL Star...yet Christian evangelicals preaching intolerance on Patheos doesn't bother you at all?
And the only person from the South who is trying to minimize my claims is Star Foster, from Atlanta...where a Christian terrorist bombed the Olympic games.Incidentally, Star just de-friended me on Facebook for pointing out that Christian evangelicals on Patheos are free to criticize Pagans to their heart's content, yet Jason was told to 'tone it down' when he used language that wasn't nearly as offensive.
Ahh, so it's okay for Kenaz to call people 'idiots' and to mock my gay cousin who was murdered, but when Kenaz refuses to acknowledge that such acts are the acts of a terrorist, I'm supposed to 'turn it down a notch.
Interesting...perhaps the Dominionists are right about some Pagans...
With this kind of butthurt, we can only hope that Mr. Hall finds a suitably sized tube of Preparation H before returning to cross swords with me, Star Foster, and Wild Hunt's other closet Dominionist supporters of Christian terrorism and gay-bashing.

More entertainment as it develops.


Scylla said...

This is The Wild Hunt - great articles, absolutely lollerskating butthurt comments even on the most neutral, of posts.

The voice of reason INVARIABLY gets shat on, which is why I've all but stopped even reading the comments.

Robert said...

I have actually met people's who have a 3rd degree Correllian cat. Personally, I think it is pretty small of someone to register their pet for such a group as it is belittling. Then again, their cat has the paperwork. Shrug.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, you can't judge *any* group by the comments that some of them make- the comment function seems to draw out the eejits especially.

Jack Faust said...

Probably the most troubling information that I found when reading the statements was an emphasis on the upcoming destruction of all things Pagan at the hands of zealot evangelical Christians. The CEO of WitchSchool suggests that if people do not fall in line with his prophecy, eventually they will be put to death by society. "At phase 3 it will be to thoroughly challenge Wicca and Paganism. It is at this phase I believe we are currently in. . . Phase 4 is the real pisser. They will find a way to make a Wiccan, a Pagan, a Witch a criminal class. Not unlike the Hippies of the 60's, The Blacks of the 70's and continues, Gays in the 80's and so forth. . . . But Wiccans will be a special case, it won't be enough to marginalize them and create ghettos for them. The authorities with the urging a growing evangelical movement and media war progress, they will seek the high ground. Wiccans will become traitors, treason, terrorists, and worse. All of these will be executable offenses and long term imprisonment. After all, The evangelicals don't want us to survive, and we are the object lesson that they need renewed. Be a Witch and you will die."

The Twits have long been inspired by some circles, it seems.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually not that that alarmed about Christian Dominionism and I'll tell you why.

They are a lot like Sisyphus. They spend all this time rolling the boulder of their ideology up the hill and when they almost get to the top it gets rolled right down to the bottom again.

From my personal experience this has happened more than once and I see no real reason why it won't continue to happen far into the future.

The reason, I think, has to do with everyone's metaphorical "butt sex".

To explain. I think(and research done on the matter seem to agree with me here) that almost everyone has some type of thing they do that the Dominionists wouldn't like at all. Either a taste for the wrong kind of literature, the wrong kind of sex, or some other thing that is just wrong from the point of view of the Dominionists.

The thing is that it is ok to rail about how evil other people's "butt sex" is(and I've noticed that it seem to be almost a national sport) but actually doing something about it brings the risk of having your own "butt sex" discovered.

And this is why we will have Dominionist school council people and maybe the occasional Congressperson but we won't ever have a Dominionist president or majority in Congress.

That would lead to everyone's "butt sex" being made illegal. Including the conservatives.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank Kenaz for working so diligently to promote my site!

Kenaz Filan said...

Hi, Chuck: I'm puzzled. According to your latest Facebook post


Charlton Hall
LOL...apparently somebody created a fake Google+ account in my name. For the record, I don't have a Google+ account. If it's who I think it is, I may need to delete my Facebook account as well. If I do, I'll keep in touch by email. If you're interested in staying in touch, message me and I'll send you my email address.


So is this a post from you using your "Sencha the Druid" account -- which appears to have been closed after I complained about harassment and false names? Or is this from whomever forged your name?

Please to be clarifying, as otherwise it looks like you were spanked so badly that you're now trying to play a few choruses of "Backpedal up the Bullshit River."

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