Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Updates from Lisa Bonta

While there has been little public progress in the Johnny Bonta case, things continue moving slowly but steadily forward behind the scenes. Lisa Bonta and several other interested parties organized a community meeting at the Reno Sparks Indian Colony Gym on Saturday, August 13.  In Ms. Bonta's words:
Our community meeting went well yesterday. We counted over 100 present. Lonnie Feemster of the NAACP and Mario Delacruz from PLAN were in attendance. I sent personal invitations to the mayors of Fernley,  Fallon, Yerington, Lovelock, Reno and Sparks, then followed up with phone calls. All declined. Letters were sent to each law enforcement agency and the FBI who also declined. We were fortunate enough to have people travel from California to support us
We had a phone conference with Dennis Banks. We also had a phone conference with Corine Fairbanks from AIM in southern California. The people got the impression that our police and elected officials condone racial violence. We plan to form a northern Nevada chapter of AIM and proceed in whatever it takes to show the government that WE WILL NOT CONDONE RACIAL VIOLENCE IN ANY FORM! If they choose not to meet with us then we will meet them in a peaceful demonstration in Fernley NV.
I will keep you posted on events as they develop. While the circumstances of the original fight remain unclear,  it appears obvious that a growing number of people on and around the Reno Sparks Indian Colony are concerned about racist violence and police complicity in the region.  It appears equally obvious that, at present, the political and law enforcement powers that be in the surrounding counties are uninterested in addressing their concerns.