Monday, October 22, 2012

DBTWP 10.2.1 More commentary on Violentacrez: for Tony Sidaway

First, I thought I'd provide some more sample comments from VanUlfur.  You remember VanUlfur from our previous installment: he's the guy who can't understand why nobody blames the teens who pose provocatively in lingerie and the 12 year-old girls who take nude self-portraits.  Well, here's VanUlfur responding to a Gawker article entitled "Camera Catches Men Staring at Women's Asses, Much to No One's Surprise."
phunkshun 1 of 130 replies @Louis Peitzman  Reply 2 months ago
Guilty as charged. Every single ass too, I do not discriminate. If you are a woman and you're in my general vicinity, yes I have looked at your ass. I can't help it. 
John Coctostan 1 of 4 replies @phunkshun  Reply 2 months ago
I kinda take pride in being a connoisseur of nice asses and appreciate a fine looking derrière. The lines of a Ferrari, the beauty of a fairway, they get treated as sights of beauty because they resemble the shape of a females curves and nothing adds to sightly bends like a perfectly toned gluteus maximus. 
VanUlfur 1 reply @John Coctostan   2 months ago
I just looove the internet. Thank you.
Gee, to think this is the same guy who said of Brutsch and his /creepshots/, "Would I do what he did? No, I was taught otherwise." But wait! There's more! Here are some further thoughts from VanUlfur on the Violentacrez scandal.
VanUlfur 1 reply @Ginmar Rienne  Reply 3 days ago
My god, it's like talking to a fucking stack of bricks... Where did I blame girls for guys like this? And when will you learn that girls nowadays are pretty aware of what might happen if they post their butts online? Should they not be held account? And you call pthers hypocrites? Such idiocy... And who advocated him to go you ignorant twat? I only said that it could have been resolved lawfully without him being exposed like this. Go get a dildo or something. Hey, and don't forget to post it online because your free to, and if anyone uses it for jacking off creepness its their fault, not yours. So go ahead.
Ginmar Rienne 1 reply @VanUlfur  Reply 3 days ago
You're blaming girls for being preyed upon, and when you run out of the paltry supply of words you have you resort to insults. Fuck off, Bieber.
VanUlfur 1 reply @Ginmar Rienne   3 days ago
that's just ma thang gurl. Now show me some tits
Nope, no misogyny or issues with women here.  And yes, this is the general level of discourse from the people who are standing up in support of Brutsch. Which brings us to an objection Tony Sidaway made on G+ concerning that earlier post.
It's a weak argument because you first surrender the privacy right of the victim
I'm not surrendering the privacy rights of victims.  I'm choosing not to explain why victims should have those rights. Because anybody who needs that explanation is most likely incapable of understanding it.  And because time I spend explaining is time we're not focusing on the real issue here.  Which is the creep(s) who violated those rights while demanding that their own be respected.

Teaching VanUlfur and pals about the morality of creepshots would be like teaching music theory to the congenitally deaf.  So I accepted their premise.  Then I applied the same standard to Brutsch that they applied to the "camwhores" whose photos he distributed.  Because if we are going to demand that women (underage and otherwise) protect their privacy and blame them when it is violated, we can hardly expect any less discretion from a middle-aged computer programmer.  And that's generally when  I'm met with stony silence, or with obscenities.  (I suppose I should be happy I, unlike Anita Sarkeesian, have to date received no rape threats).

Let me let you in on a little secret: despite my earlier disclaimer I am not entirely unfamiliar with the fine art of Internet trolling.  In skilled hands the troll is a formidable weapon.  A well-crafted troll can spark discussion or shut it down.  It can spread across forums or it can be aimed with devastating effect at a carefully chosen target.  Which is exactly what happens when these proponents of teen responsibility and beacons of Internet freedom are hooked on their own lure.  The polite sneer vanishes and you get to see the bile and the misogyny behind that oh-so-rational questioning.

Because they were trolling too, you see.  They just wanted to rile up the feminazis and dykes, to prove those bitches took everything too seriously. And when their game gets turned against them by somebody who was trolling back in the halcyon days of alt.fuck.the.skull.of.jesus, they flop about in a most delightful fashion.  This is the kind of verbal sparring that drives the best online discussions.  It combines the fine arts of polemics, satire and abnormal psychology in a blend which can be infuriating, offensive, and impolite but is rarely boring.

Here I must disagree with many (including my favorite war criminal) who have called ViolentAcrez a troll.  What Brutsch did wasn't trolling: it was shock and gore ala  It aimed at triggering the gag reflex: it pushed the envelope for the sake of pushing. Jonathan Swift's "Modest Proposal" is the quintessential example of a well-done troll.  /niggerjailbait/, /picturesofdeadbabies/ and /beatingwomen/ are the efforts of an overgrown toddler finger-painting with his own feces.  One provides fuel for intelligent and passionate conversation: the other just attracts flies.