Monday, January 11, 2010

Boy, I'm getting tired of eggs and cheese

In an effort to rid myself of those extra 4o pounds I've acquired over the past couple of years (or at least the 20 I've acquired since I moved to New Jersey), I've begun the Atkins Diet. In the past I've found this is an effective way to lose weight and stabilize one's eating habits: now that I'm eating meat again, I can use this until such time as I'm back to my fighting weight of 165 or so.

I am presently in the Induction Phase, which involves extreme limitation of carbohydrates until such time as your body goes into ketosis. It's working pretty well: I've lost about six pounds in the first week. (I realize that much of this is water weight). I can't wait until I've lost another 10-15 pounds, so I can start eating something besides meat, cheese, eggs, greens and cruciferous vegetables.

Taking white bread and rice out of the diet isn't that hard and I never had that much of a sweet tooth, but I miss potatoes (that Irish heritage coming out again). And let's not forget the joys of waffles, pancakes and other breakfast essentials. (Ah, for the simple pleasures of a blueberry muffin with my coffee). But overall this is an easier way to drop some unwanted pounds than other diets: carb cravings can be handled much more easily than food cravings. And I'm getting into the habit of drinking lots of water, which is always good and helps you stay more full.

Anyway, here's hoping my New Year's resolution to get back into shape pans out.