Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Haitian Earthquake and Why it Happened

So far I've seen suggestions that the Haitian earthquake happened because
I'd be interested in hearing speculation about why the following natural disasters happened:
In the 2004 tsunami, who offended God: the Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus or Christians? I would say that the 1976 quake proved God hated Mao -- but then what about the subsequent Sichuan quake of 2008, which killed nearly 75,000 people.  (Perhaps S/He hates Chinese spammers as well?) And if we're to believe the evidence of the Lisbon quake, it appears that Pat Robertson may be on to something, since God seems to have a grudge against both Muslims and Roman Catholics.

While we're on this line of reasoning: why did the Higher Power see fit to destroy San Francisco in 1906, several decades before those godless homosexuals moved in? And while I have heard that S/He was upset with New Orleans in 2005, I'm not sure what the folks in Galveston did that led to a Cat 4 hurricane wiping out their city in 1900.

Let's face it, folks: natural disasters happen because we reside on a living planet.  We can ask why the gods allow these things to happen, or we can assume that They put us here to take care of those who get caught up in the chaos.  The first allows us to shirk our responsibility for our fellow human beings: the second puts the burden squarely on our shoulders.