Tuesday, September 27, 2011

But Enough Laughing at Twits: here's a Request for a Miracle

From Facebook:

Prayers for Baby Spencer Kelly
Spencer Michael Patrick Kelly was born at 349 pm at Bergan Mercy Hospital in Omaha Nebraska. Spencer is already a baby of miracles and with your prayers we are hoping for a lot more. Kathy and I were never supposed to have children on our own, then Spencer. That was the first miracle, the second is that Spencer was never supposed to make it thru the night, the third being he was never supposed to make it thru the second night. Spencer is going on his eight day now, he is ticklish, likes his Mommy's singing and his Daddy's touch. They are pretty sure he has a degenerative neuro muscular disease, but bloodwork wont confirm this for 3 to 4 weeks. If this is correct, then Spencer will have a very short time with us, we give thanks that we have been able to meet him, touch him, and Mommy even got to change a poopy diaper!! We have not been able to hold him yet because he is on a ventilator, nor have we been able to hear him cry, things we look forward to. I believe thru the power of prayer and God's grace, Spencer has stayed with us this long, my hopes by reaching out to more people, more prayers, the longer and better he will be. Thank you in advance for you help, Mommy and Daddy, Sean and Kathy Kelly

I know there are some serious, no bullshit, take no prisoners magicians reading this blog.   I also know you have lives and things to do.  But I'm asking if you could take some time and send some healing to this  family.  This particular cause is near and dear to my heart and I figure if anyone can come up with a miracle, it's this motley crew.


Anonymous said...

I guess you saw my mantric sigil on Twitter, etc. Pass along "AIM: PERKY SON" to give it yet more oomph.

Kenaz Filan said...

Thanks, Freeman. I've put one of the best OB/GYNs I know on the case: one of our house Ghede, a deceased Jewish gynecologist from Long Island. Here's hoping this works out for the best for all concerned.

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on how the little guy does. Will keep him and his parents in my prayers.

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