Sunday, September 4, 2011

Evil Botox Parties, Anyone?

According to recent scuttlebutt, my friend Galina Krasskova is now holding "evil Botox parties."

This, of course, is a scurrilous rumor.  To set these wagging tongues to rest, here is a picture of yrs. truly taken at our most recent "Botox for Beelzebub" party.  (ISTR that it was right after the human sacrifice but before we sliced the cheese log).  

Hopefully this will put an end to any misunderstandings.  I'd say more, but my lips still won't move. 


Scylla said...

The "Hugging" bit makes me wonder if that came from MW. Their swear filter translates a certain f-word to variants of "Hug".

If it came from MW's forums... well... it's kinda like the comments section of WildHunt.

Kenaz Filan said...

I participated briefly on MysticWicks. There are some great people there, but as with any online Pagan forum, you also have your loud idiots. To be fair, MW is one of the best of the online Pagan venues. (Don't believe me? Check out alt. religion.wicca sometime).

Scylla said...

Oh, I love MW (when it's functional), but it's the usual mixed bag. I left because I just couldn't take the whitewashing anymore.

Pallas Renatus said...

All I can think about is Ray Wise playing the devil in Reaper holding a botox party ("my own invention!") and giggling to himself over the irony of poisoning yourself to look young. Damned if I can find a clip of it, though =(

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