Monday, September 19, 2011

Dr. Corbeaux on the New Orleans Voodoo Handbook

Arkansas Hoodoo Man Dr. Lazarus Corbeaux has weighed in with his thoughts on the New Orleans Voodoo Handbook.  When you're done watching that, check out the rest of his channel: he has a lot of excellent hoodoo and rootwork advice for those interested in Ozarks folk magic.  (And if you aren't interested, you should be! While New Orleans gets the lion's share of the attention, Ozark witches have long practiced a potent blend of Elizabethan-era European folk magic and African-American hoodoo - and have recently begun adding Curanderismo, Brujeria and other Mexican and Central American practices to the mix).

It's always nice to get positive reviews, especially from those who know their stuff.  If they're liking my book in Arkansas, I know I must have done something right.