Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sith Lord Sean the Sorcerer Gets His Fifteen Minutes

Responding to my earlier post,  Sith Lord Sean the Vampire Sorcerer said:
Oh come on Filan, you can do better than posting silly pictures and juvenile mockeries can't you? 
Oh, I can do a lot better.  Trust me.
Go ahead and engage my lethal mind at any level you like; I think I would enjoy a good sparring match with one whose arrogance is obviously so unmatched by his intellect. 
I know that "I know you are but what am I?" is considered bad form in a flame war. But dude, rarely have I ever seen a situation where it would be more appropriate.  I suppose your mind might be lethal: the ebola virus is lethal and it can only be seen with an electron microscope.  But from everything I'm seeing here you are to intellectual pursuits what Stephen Hawking is to tap dancing.
Not everything I write is meant to be taken seriously 
 That's good. Because very little of it is.

(even if the humor is lost on you), but I was dead serious in my condemnation of your wretched, humorless PC guilt-mongering, which in my experience is a luxury only affluent societies built largely by the innovations of dead white guys can afford. 
OK, I'll bite. Perhaps your lethal and voracious mind can tear itself away from silly cliches like "PC guilt-mongering" and "dead white guys" and answer this question: do you agree or disagree with this statement from yrs. truly?

I think it is worthwhile, when learning about a culture's traditions, to go to representatives of that culture if possible.  This offers a deeper and more direct introduction to the spirits, the theology and the magic than one can get from research using secondary or tertiary sources. 
Feel free to use both sides of the screen explaining your response. And don't hesitate to include links which support your position. 
By the way, I recently saw you listed on a list of influential Satanists and you were somewhere around #25, which I find rather baffling since I see little that is Satanic about your writing, ideology or ethos.
I am a Satanist insofar as I think The Satanic Bible is a very trenchantly funny book that, like all great comedy, raises a lot of serious and thought-provoking points as well. Anton LaVey was one of the last Great American Curmudgeons, sour SOBs kvetching at witty length about the idiocy surrounding them.  I'd compare him to Twain, Bierce and Mencken: I'd even say that Harlan Ellison could be included in that august company as the last miserable survivor.  His Church of Satan is a great gag to those of us who are in on it.  I realize that some morons - by which I mean you - are unable to get the joke.  That only makes it all the funnier to those of us who do.

Besides, I'm sure to move up in the list once Marilyn Manson finds Jesus.  
Anyway, this may be my parting shot since engaging in battle with one who has so little respect for his opponent is not a very rewarding use of my time. Good luck and good fighting, and if you're so inclined, hail Satan.
When you find a place where people respect you send me a post card.  Assuming they have a postal service, that is.