Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vanity of vanities...

While Googling blog mentions of "Kenaz Filan" I discovered someone had used me in a Googlestack spam.  To wit:

Kenaz Filan's book is a superb resource for learning the fundamentals, so cheap vodka that as you develop associations together with cheap vodka online your patron spirits you'll develop your personal style. Should you rum cream o'riley's buy start feeling particularly attracted to some certain loa, find out more about this spirit? Kaufman sorel boot medium whiskey decanters for sale width size 12. Separate the margarita mix in to the one-quart containers for simple de-frosting antique sherry glasses when you wish to create margaritas! Fill each container to within 2 buy caribean rum online " from the top. The kauffman carl schramm the president and ceo of the kauffman foundation is stepping down from the scotch wiskey buy sale new jersey organization.
I presume that they first visited Harvey's Hangout and spoke with a man who knows his cheap vodka like nobody's business.  And then there are some of the search terms which led people to my blog this week:

catching a black guy with watermelon   3
henry ford quote                                     3
gnostic magazines                                  2
obama face instead of hitler                   2 

Oscar Wilde said the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. I am no longer sure he was correct.